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About Us

35 years ago Larry Harwell started a photography company, Carolina Photo Group. He found a niche specializing in architectural and aerial photography. The business grew with the economy until the market's downfall where from the ashes of the analog to digital movement, Carolina Digital Photography Group was born. Since this transformation the company, through acquisitions and mergers, has traveled many different roads. From events to luxury apartments and condos, from international architecture to modeling portfolios, Carolina Digital does it all. Through the years Carolina Digital has accumulated one of the largest stock photography departments on the east coast. Another division born from the downturn was the formation of Carolina Digital's in-house graphics department. Our designers are unparalleled in the market place today. If your mind can dream it, Carolina Digital Photo can not only photograph it, but bring your visions to vivid life.

Carolina Digital Photo Group
Apartments and Condos

We shoot for national and international apartment developers across the country. Recent shoots include interior/exteriors, amenities, and full apartment complex shots, plus apartment complexes from Ohio to Texas. Extending from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Ohio and many more.

Finest aerial photography in Charlotte, with over 35 years of experience. Our pilots and photography staff fly from Raleigh to Orlando twice a month shooting everything from golf courses to low and steep vertical obliques to construction progression photos. Included in this image gallery are aerial progression shots from beginning to end, aerial photo maps, multiple views for loan packages (showing ingress, egress, and relationship shots). Our pilots and photographers are seasoned professionals trained and qualified in all aspects of aviational photography, using both airplanes and helicopters to achieve your aerial needs.

Across the country, our award winning interior and exterior photography has won AIA awards and graced the covers of countless publications (including Southern Living, North Carolina Architect, Trade Street Realty, and Charlotte Business). While providing our clients with only the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing and accurately represented images of architectural buildings, our unparalleled turn around time and affordable pricing continues to surpass our competition, as we continue to break new ground accross the United States and Europe, including Germany and Austria.
International Architecture

Carolina Digital has ventured abroad shooting both the natural beauty and urban environments of landscapes abroad. Recent overseas photography contracts have included restaurants, warehouses, private homes (interior and exterior), apartments, condominiums, lofts and hotels. We create visual experiences and effectively capture the high value of architectural photography. Upon our arrival in Austria recently, our services were requested by world renowned violinist Luz Leskowits, inside the historic grand music halls of Austria, a very exciting and beautiful frontier for us.
Home Builders

High quality images of your homes and communities are essential elements for your website and marketing campaigns. At Carolina Digital Photo we have showcased landscapes, interiors, and homes for some of the most prestigious builders in the country. Our photography service covers all of the United States. Our award winning home builder photography has been featured on the covers of countless major publications and magazines, while surpassing the competition in lower costs and faster turn around time.
Charlotte Stock Photos

Looking for that perfect shot of uptown on a time crunch? Our Charlotte stock images highlight unique perspectives of the Charlotte area attractions such as Carowinds Theme Park, Uptown's thriving Epi Center, the NASCAR Speedway, Time Warner Arena, Panther's Stadium , the National White Water Center, and more. Everything from aerials to architectural shots, spanning from Rock Hill, SC to Huntersville, NC, and beyond. We provide fast turn around time when you need your photos yesterday. Our “lifestyle” photos are a big hit for business’ and families alike.

Our photography staff is available for any private or corporate parties or events. We will photograph anything from city events, conferences, artistic performances, private concerts, group functions, special occasions, team building events, museum openings, charitable functions, fund raisers, birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, club house events, racing events, tournaments of every sport known to man... and woman, and more.

Leading the charge, Carolina Digital Photo shows off your beautiful hotel architecture, lobbies, rooms, and facilities to your potential customers. It is said that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and our hospitality clients have found that to be true as we have translated their beautiful properties into advertising masterpieces. Carolina Digital stops the world and shows your potential customers all the missed details, the details that matter, the details that make them stop and look and come back again and again.

From your signature dishes to your inviting venues and enticing menus, our photos are designed to maximize your presentation and the imagery of your business, services, and menu appeal. Our magnificent photography creates images that are designed to showcase your restaurant for publications, advertisements, websites, and more. Generating through beautiful photographs, a desire and hunger for your potential customers to taste what their eyes have seen through our images.

For the first time in history, Carolina Digital Photo Group has captured Charlotte's skyline from every possible angle, making this one of our most sought after categories ever. Take a look at our awe inspiring photo gallery with breathtaking skylines of not only Charlotte's cityscape but cities nationwide. We capture skylines bathed in both warm sunlight to rich sunsets to expressive and dramatic evening images. See your city through Carolina Digital Photo Group's eyes, in a way you’ve never seen it before.

Our in-house digital photo studio is one of the best in the country providing photo retouching services to enhance any photograph or photo restoration project, whether that includes graphic additions of grass, trees, bushes, skies, roads, windows and more to beautify your image, to complete restoration of your damaged photographs. Take a look through our image gallery to get a sense of the incredible photos edited by our amazing graphics team. We specialize in photo retouching services, photo restoration, exceptional quality, great service and unbeatable prices.
Executive Portraits

For successful, relaxed and professional images, from Executive portraits and staff photos, to P.R. and Event Photography, Carolina Digital Photo Group does it all enhancing your corporate image. We range from professional head shots to whimsical group shots of you and your professional staff, also we provide expert retouching services. Photo shoots are performed for your convenience at our in-house professional studio as well as any location of your choosing.

At Carolina Digital's in house portrait studios in Charlotte, NC, we offer executive head and shoulder portraits, personal and corporate portraits and personal and family portraitures. Our photos have been filtered and printed on stretched canvas for that “oil painting” look, at a fraction of the cost. Let us provide you with an elegant portrait behind your office desk or over the fireplace at home. A wonderful gift for families, business partners, colleagues, and loved ones. We also photograph pets and their loved ones and also provide portrait restoration. What your mind can conceive our photographers and digital graphics team can create.

Utilizing various techniques Carolina Digital captures and highlights the action and elegance of the automobile. From private collector's stylish dream machines and show cars to full and thriving dealerships and all the way to NASCAR, Carolina Digital Photo captures any and all of your automotive photography needs. Whether a dealership seeking the utmost in effective sales and service advertising or aerial facility shots or a private collector seeking to capture the pure essence of a particular speed machine, Carolina Digital Photo delivers the action.
Industrial Construction

We work with the largest construction and contracting firms in the country, from large civil engineering, to industrial and construction projects, providing photographic documentation from the ground to the air. Our clients have enjoyed their properties gracing the covers of magazines and periodicals for award winning exposure. From photography, to graphics, to finished product our turnaround time is unbeatable, and our costs will fit any budget.
Estate Sales

Our “Estate Sales” photography has proven time and time again that a fantastic photograph will greatly aid in the sale of your property. Using professional photos will attract more attention to your listings. Studies show that listings with professional photos generate an average of 139% more clicks when compared to similar listings without. A recent example is the Rocky Creek Ranch, photographed for Jim Mattei and sold by Sotheby’s and Concierge Auctions. The turn around time after our photography had been displayed was record breaking.

Our exclusive Expedition photography documents all your excursions from hunting, fishing and safari adventures to whatever destination you have planned. We provide inspiring and extraordinary images to showcasing your adventures. Our most recent projects include duck, elk and bear hunting as well as turkey shoots, fishing, Boy Scout skeet shoots, and tours. What better way to remember a special trip than with professional photography?

Carolina Digital Photo Group also specializes in Industrial construction photography and manufacturing. Shooting onsite production facilities to commercial operational equipment in warehouse locations, food packaging facilities, steel production plants, and compressor and textile manufacturing spaces. Photographs include all forms of industrial production and assembly, as well as actively running manufacturing equipment.

Let us capture your city, buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, homes, and other items you might need to complete your business' or home's image. Our panoramic photography is state of the art, and our photo "stitching" capabilities are among the most magnificent and sought after in the country.
Artsy Fartsy

Our “Artsy Fartsy” photography aims at something more than a mere realistic rendering of a subject and conveys a personal and creative impression by exploring the unique contrasts of everyday life. From selectively colored photos to interesting angles, these images provide a sense of whimsey while also delivering potential focus for individualized products, services or ideas. Sure to catch peoples eye, whether used for your advertising needs or for creative additions to your home decor.
Black & White

A classical take on our everyday services. We can provide simple black and white to selective coloring that will really set your photos apart from the rest.

Carolina Digital's Stock Images are designed to maximize your web page, advertising and marketing needs in a timely fashion. Our Stock images are also great for personal or artistic photos needed for your home or office. Our Stock images include picturesque mountain homes, sandy beach-front retreats, Charlotte area shots, character portraits, relaxing ocean views, textural images, garden landscapes, images of lighthouses, planes, trains , automobiles and everything in between. We have everything that your heart and wallet desires.

Professional Modeling photography, from beautiful glamour shots and compelling, artistic portraits to head shots and comprehensive comp cards used commercially across the United States and Europe by modeling and casting agencies alike. Use North Carolina's best! Off site photo sessions are available and are growing in popularity as they add a sense of adventure in the creation of your personal and professional portfolios. Carolina Digital surpasses other photography groups by capturing your inner beauty and bringing it to life with awe inspiring results.

Professional Modeling photography, from beautiful glamour shots and compelling artistic portraits to theatrical head shots and models comp cards used commercially across the United States and Europe, by modeling and casting agencies alike. Off site photo sessions are available and are growing in popularity as they add a sense of adventure in the creation of your personal and professional portfolios. Carolina Digital surpasses other photography groups by capturing your inner beauty and bringing it to life with awe inspiring results.